For 2021 you can buy your calendar and everything will be ready. Right now you need to print it yourself. This calendar is designed for A3. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. It definitely looks better, but it works as well in black & white on an A4 paper.

How does it work?

What you are going to hold in your hands, is the end of lazy excuses to yourself. This calendar doesn’t show you the important appointments you have in some months, it shows you what you want to do day by day, to become the version of yourself that you want to be. 

It helps you to remember, on what you want to focus and shows you your progress by summarizing every day, every month and the whole year. But let’s not lose too many words here, this calendar is all about doing!

So how it is working and what you can do:

Get your Daily To-do List ready!

What do you need to do day by day, to come to the target you are looking for? So maybe it’s good to find out first, what you are actually looking for. Take a pen and a paper and write down how you imagine your dream life. You can exaggerate as much as you want. And then split it down to little pieces, that bring you in this direction every single day a little. Want to have a fit, energetic body? So how about 15 minutes training every day? Or have you dream since ages about your own garden? Then every Sunday one hour research about garden areas around could bring you further. Mark every Sunday circle, so you can’t forget the day.

Take some time for this. It helps a lot to find good tasks. Have some easy ones (like taking 10min every day to learn a language), and some that are more challenging (like doing something you’ve never done before in your life). Don’t make it generally too hard. It’s motivating to have one or two tasks you can easily achieve almost every day, and then mark your success in the calendar. 

The Task of the week

If you are looking for more variety, new ideas, new habits, some adventures or basically a bit of inspiration, the task of the week is waiting for you. Every week, there are different missions, you can go for and if you like them, add them to your regular daily tasks and keep going!

When you finish the week, mark your success on the week number. The task of the week asks for daily actions? Mark your stage wins on the weekdays. Then you can see easily if you succeeded in the whole challenge at the end.

How to mark in the calendar

It’s totally up to you. Anyway some ideas we had:


See your success, even if you turned the calendar page!
To better track your progress, there is a little extra row for the months on the bottom of the calendar. Every time a month is over, it’s time to dig out basic mathematics. 

Write at the end of every task row, how many times you were successful. Add all these results and divide them through the number of different tasks.

An example:

So on average you managed 26,5/ 30 days. If you want percentages, then just get the result of 26,5 / 30 and multiply with 100 and you will get 88,3%. Then you can compare

The months with each other. Write the result for the month. If you prefer to have more visual feedback, then paint it in the circle around the number. Every line marks 10%.

The monthly report

Reflect your month. The calendar shows your productivity on several topics, but there are so many more things to think about. Take every last day of the month (or whenever you have time) a pen and a paper and write down everything that went well and everything that needs some improvements. Think about why the good things were good, keep it in your mind and be thankful for that. Then it’s time to find solutions for everything else, that was not that good. These solutions are your own personal monthly task. And when you write the next monthly report, read over the last one again, and check, if you improved.

Place your calendar

So, everything is prepared and ready to boost your productivity. Now it’s time to find the perfect spot for your calendar. If you hide somewhere in the corner, probably you’re going to forget about it quite soon. So find a hammer and a nail and install it in the most obvious place, you can find. It’s understandable, if you choose your bedroom, because not everybody sees your calendar there, but actually it can be a wonderful motivation to hang it in a more public place. Your flat mates will push you, to get your stuff done and maybe they even join in. Then the motivation is doubled.

As now everything is prepared, it’s time to start with the first task, to feel the satisfaction of checking the first circle after. Enjoy seeing your life progressing!